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What Is The Best Method For Removing Your Pubic Hair?

Hair removal in Singapore is extremely common as society has normalised the removal of body hair on women; it looks more presentable, and a lack of hair has been associated with general cleanliness and proper hygiene. More specifically, an increasing number of women are removing their pubic hair, either due to societal norms or aesthetic purposes.

Grooming your body hair is essential when it comes to keeping it clean. However, you may not be sure how you can safely remove your pubic hair. Here is why it is so important to safely remove your pubic hair and the best way to do it.

Why do humans have pubic hair?

As a result of human evolution, we have grown hair around various parts of our bodies for a variety of reasons. Pubic hair growth starts during puberty and is, therefore, a sign of maturity and a woman’s fertility. Over time, pubic hair eventually lost its societal meaning and symbolism of sexual attractiveness as more women began to shave and remove their hair in their nether regions.

Biologically, the skin around your genitals is especially delicate, so pubic hair acts as a natural lubricant and buffer to protect your lady parts as it reduces friction against your clothes.

Most importantly, when kept clean, neat, and well-groomed, pubic hair keeps your genitals clean. Just like how eyelashes prevent foreign particles from coming into contact with your eyes and how nose hair filters out the dirt in the air that you breathe, pubic hair is responsible for trapping any harmful microorganisms from coming into contact with your private parts and irritating their delicate skin.

However, it is completely up to you to remove your pubic hair. If it makes you more comfortable or confident, go ahead by all means! You just need to do it safely, as removing your pubic hair without proper care and procedures may increase your risk of grooming related injuries such as nicks and cuts from a blunt shaving razor, and in more serious cases, infections.

What is the safest method for removing pubic hair?

If you want to remove your pubic hair at home, it is best to trim it instead of shaving or waxing. Trimming your hair and keeping it short instead of completely removing it is safer to minimise contact with the delicate area around your skin and potentially irritating or injuring it. Use a pair of sharp scissors and avoid a blunt blade as dull edges require more pressure, and you may easily hurt yourself without adequate control.

If you wish to completely remove your pubic hair, we recommend visiting a professional who can do it safely for you instead of attempting to do it at home on your own, especially if you are unsure or unconfident. Our Brazilian hair removal service is quick, fuss-free, and affordable, and we also offer trial sessions for first-time customers. Our specially formulated Princess Gel ™ is unique to Datsumo Labo and is an integral part of our service; it soothes, nourishes, and protects your skin during the hair removal process, allowing hair removal to be painless and relaxing.


Removing pubic hair is a common practice among many women, and safe and hygienic hair removal is essential to prevent irritation and infection of the delicate pubic region. For optimum results, engage the services of a hair removal specialist who will be able to help you safely remove your hair and advise you on how to best care for your skin after removing your hair!

Here at Datsumo Labo, we offer a wide range of hair removal services ranging from laser hair removal for the face and legs in Singapore. Our new Super Hair Removal (SHR) machines utilise the most advanced technology to deliver stronger pulses of light that are more efficient and precise. If you are a first-time customer, consider signing up for a trial session to experience our services for yourself!

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