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Useful Tips To Prevent Or Get Rid Of Dark Underarms

Let’s face it, the way we care for our armpits isn’t a one-size-fits-all. As with how there are several approaches when dealing and maintaining body hair, there’s also a difference in the way people approach hyperpigmentation in their underarms. Whilst dark underarms are completely natural and normal, its appearance can stir little reaction in some, and embarrassment in others.

The good news is – there are many ways you can prevent or get rid of this problem!

Before moving on to the several remedies that can help prevent or reduce discolouration of your underarms, let us understand the causes behind this problem!

What causes dark underarms?

Various factors could cause your armpits to become darker, one being genetics. As with many other skin changes, many people develop darkened pigmentation under their armpits akin to other areas such as the elbows and knees.

Another being your health. Research has shown that there’s a direct correlation with diabetes and pigmentation of the skin, with the latter being a warning sign of the said condition.

Of course, these reasons don’t limit themselves to just your health state and genetics. There are external ones too, with the more common ones are shaving or using a harsh deodorant.

When you shave, the underarms may experience repetitive trauma and friction, which can also lead to skin irritation. Regular shaving the underarms can lead to excessive production of pigment cells, thus making it appear a little darker. The friction, if it gets too much, can cause chaffing, which will cause the skin to become thin, itchy and discoloured.

Many deodorants and antiperspirants contain ingredients and chemicals, such as aluminium, that can clog up sweat ducts and thus, irritate the skin. This can lead to hyperpigmentation, especially if you are prone to skin darkening.

How can I prevent dark underarms?

Some ways to reduce the risk of developing dark underarms include:

  • Use natural deodorants: Assuming that chemical irritants are causing your hyperpigmentation, the first move should be switching to a natural deodorant without fragrances and alcohol.

  • Moisturising: Moisturising can help reduce underarm irritation. If you prefer to shave, using moisturising lotion as part of your aftercare treatment can prevent hyperpigmentation. Opt for non-comedogenic moisturisers as they won’t clog up your pores, thus reducing the risk of skin irritation.

  • Swap to laser hair removal: Consider getting laser hair removal should you wish to rid your unwanted body hair. Since they destroy the structure of the hair follicle down to its roots, you don’t need to worry about the shadow shaving often has as an after-effect. As such, armpit hair removal is a popular choice among many as not only is it effective, it’s time-efficient and not as painful as other hair removal methods out in the market.

  • Healthy lifestyle: As mentioned prior, your health may have a close relationship with hyperpigmentation. When you are carrying extra weight, there are high levels of insulin in the blood, which can lead to increased production of pigment cells. So be sure to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight as it can reduce the chances of darkened skin.

How can I get rid of dark underarms?

Do you have a pair of dark underarms and are at a lost at what to do? Here are some home remedies or medical treatments you can consider trying.

Many people choose to use a natural approach to lighten their armpits. Some ingredients can act as a natural remedy as they contain some natural bleaching agents.

Cucumbers are known to stimulate growth and preservation of connective tissues, works to hydrate dry skin and soothe any skin irritation. Lemons are another great lightening agent, but it’s worth noting that you’ll need to mix citrus with gentle ingredients to balance out its acidic potency; lest it aggravates the skin and makes it even more sensitive. Apply your DIY skin recipes on the dark areas and rinse them off after 10 minutes.

If there is no improvement, talk to a professional. They can recommend you the most suitable treatments to help lighten dark underarms, some of which include chemical peels, retinoid creams or pills, and laser therapies.

Although dark underarms are usually not a cause of concern, it could take a toll on your self-esteem. At Datsumo Labo, we strive to help you build your confidence with our SHR and IPL hair removal services. Not only can our technology remove unwanted hair with ease, but it also accommodates those with sensitive and darker skin pigments!

Moreover, our Princess Gel is designed to help moisturise and whiten the affected area, so that you can enjoy smoother and fairer skin for months on end! Say goodbye to dark underarms with Datsumo Labo, the best hair removal in Singapore.

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