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The Not-So-Obvious, Awesome Benefits Of Going Hair-Free

There are so many reasons to LOVE the freedom of being hair-free. With ladies all over the world choosing to undergo body hair removal – it’s hard to deny that having smooth, clear skin is something that most of us, if not all, desire.

Switching it up for less razor cuts, burns and ingrown hairs that come with the traditional methods of hair removal – SHR (Super Hair Removal) is our favorite way to go hair-free in a fast, painless and long-lasting way!

Other than the obvious hair reduction benefits, there are plenty more reasons to love the best laser hair removal treatment, here’s more:

The secret to clear, smooth skin

After removing the hairs on your skin, exfoliating and moisturizing tends to have a bigger impact on your skincare regime, since you now have the perfect canvas to work on.

With the help of our specialists, you won’t ever have to worry about missing a spot, or be at the mercy of improper shaving techniques. Combined with our unique Princess Gel™ – our laser works to destroy the hair follicles and eliminate the hair roots overtime, and you can look forward to smoother and fairer skin at the end of it all!

Bonus: if you like to tan – you will be delighted to know that it will glide on perfectly onto hair-free skin to give you an even, enduring glow! Just be mindful not to tan in-between sessions, as this can negatively impact your results!

The best investment you can make today

With most of us having hectic schedules and a never-ending list of things to do every day, it can be hard to squeeze in the time to shave or book in a waxing appointment every other week.

While laser hair removal can be a hefty investment to start with, studies have shown that it actually saves you both time and money in the long run! In fact, the more areas you choose to treat at Datsumo Labo, the more money you save!

Majority of ladies actually spend more than 4 months of their entire lives removing body hair – compared to laser hair removal, all you need is 4 – 8 sessions of 30 minutes to an hour each! There is also no downtime with our SHR treatment, and you can simply go back to your daily activities immediately after treatment!

What more can one ask for?

A more confident you

Going hair-free is often associated with higher self-esteem levels, and is also another reason why we have a list of over 200 celebrities who has undergone treatment with us – from Brazilian hair removal to facial hair removal, anyone can now get red-carpet ready with Datsumo Labo!

Although hair regrowth is always possible, you can be assured that it will never grow out as unruly as it used to be. Experience these benefits yourself when you sign up for a package with us – simply contact us to book your appointment today!

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