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SHR Hair Removal Vs Epilation: Unpacking The Differences

For most of us, removing unwanted body hair is just part and parcel of life. And in this world of hair removal, there are a few techniques that we all naturally gravitate towards for a fuss-free experience: shaving, laser, epilating, and waxing.

But when it comes to getting a professional full body laser hair treatment, SHR (Super Hair Removal) is the one to go for. While traditional methods like shaving and epilating are much more affordable at first glance, there are some distinct differences between SHR and epilation that you need to know of.

SHR is better for more delicate areas

Utilising state-of-the-art laser technology, SHR can deliver accurate, more powerful shots with wavelengths tailored to your specific needs. For example, it can laser away hair on smaller body areas, such as the armpits and the upper lip, to more sensitive areas down below. Getting beach-ready has never been safer and easier as this treatment works amazingly in achieving a flawless bikini line!

Though epilators come with multiple speed settings that easily remove hair from the bikini zone, we do not recommend this method. Epilating the bikini region can hurt and cause unnecessary nicks. This is because the hair down there tends to be coarser and grow in different directions. Clearly, the better option is to opt for SHR Brazilian hair removal.

Bid goodbye to ingrown hairs with SHR

SHR can cover a large area of the body in one fell swoop, efficiently targeting numerous hair follicles at a time. In addition, it is a semi-permanent treatment that flawlessly removes all unwanted hair from the roots, leaving the area smooth as a baby’s butt and free from ingrown hairs.

With epilators – especially cheap ones – ingrown hair tends to be a little more common. Various factors come into play: dropping the device, tweaking its parts or not keeping it clean can also increase the risk of infections. Ingrown hairs can also happen when the tweezer in an epilator cannot fully grasp the hairs; resulting in them breaking in half instead of pulling them out by the roots.

SHR promises a painless hair removal treatment

SHR is touted as the next best thing in the hair removal game. You feel nothing during the treatment and also reap faster results. This is due to its utilisation of gentler pulses of energy at a higher frequency, thereby minimising skin trauma. This technique effectively targets both fine and coarse hairs, resulting in lesser discomfort and pain than IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments and other old-school methods.

During our SHR treatment, our specialists will apply our specially manufactured Princess Gel™ for a comfortable cooling experience. This gel consists of whitening and nourishing properties that promise to leave your skin feeling moisturised.

In contrast to SHR, using epilators can be quite a painful experience. Similar to waxing, epilators remove hair by yanking it from its roots. This can cause skin irritation and redness, which might not be ideal in the long run.

Feel confident in your skin today

We hope we have helped to shed some light on why SHR is the clear winner when it comes to hair removal. Regardless of whether you want to rock a triangle or go bare this swimsuit season, our specialists at Datsumo Labo are here to help. We offer the best underarm laser hair removal services and a highly-trained team that is ready to advise you on the most effective treatments available.

Whenever you are ready to experience silky-smooth skin, do not hesitate to book an online appointment or drop by our physical stores for a face-to-face consultation.

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