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Revel In The Perks Of Having A Portable Hair Removal Device

Forget about your razors and wax, portable hair removal devices are here to help you rid of those unwanted body hair, all in the comforts of your own home.

Previously used to be only available at your favourite hair removal salons, you can now manually zap your body hair away yourself!

Whilst your portable hair removal device and the hair removal machines available in clinics and salons may differ slightly, they are just as safe and effective!

If you’re not convinced, we’ll dive into detail the pros and cons of a portable painless hair removal device and why our Datsumo Labo Hair Removal is a fantastic investment – especially considering the businesses’ temporary cessation of physical operations due to the circuit breaker measures.

Laser hair removal machines vs portable hair removal devices

The inner workings of both devices are essentially the same: they work by detecting your follicles, before proceeding to damage the hair follicles.

The damage will then inhibit and slow down the growth of future follicles, thus giving you uninterrupted smooth and supple skin for weeks.

However, apart from the convenience that a portable hair removal device carries, their price points are also significantly very different!

For instance, you can enjoy 300 sessions that will cost you ¼ of the price of 18 sessions at your local hair removal salons. It’s an amazing investment, but of course, everything has their own set of flaws.

Portable Hair Removal Device Myths Busted

Small Surface Area

With a smaller device, the surface area that a portable hair removal device will ultimately be smaller.

This means you’d spend more time covering your entire body – but trust us, it’s not that big of a margin! You can complete a full body hair removal in just 15 minutes.

High Discomfort Levels

Another con may be the side effects of discomfort caused by the heat emitted from these devices.

Many will have their reservations since these devices do not come with cooling gels and thus, they’ll have to bear the discomfort once the at-home procedure is done.

However, you won’t need to worry! Even without out Princess Gel ™, you’d be able to feel a cooling sensation after the procedure as the Datsumo Labo Home Edition is equipped with an in-built cooling mechanism! You won’t need to worry about any pain and soreness.

Not Powerful

Another perceived downside is the fact that a portable device is significantly less powerful than the machines you’d find in the salons.

Of course, this is to ensure that it’ll be safe for home use, lest you accidentally singe yourself in the process.

Our device is safe to use on even the sensitive areas of the body, including the face and the bikini areas.

That said, it doesn’t mean that it’s less effective! You can still attain professional results with this small device. You can choose and toggle between the 5 power levels to find which gives you the desired results.

Word of caution

Whilst it’s safe to use at home, it is important that you know how to use it correctly.

Do not place it near your eyes or the genitalia area outside of your bikini line. Never use them over any pigmented areas such as moles, or tattoos.


Ultimately, nothing can beat a permanent hair removal procedure done by professionals.

However, one has to make do when local hair removal salons are temporarily closed due to the circuit breaker measures. Besides, these devices are convenient and significantly cheaper, making it an excellent investment!

Our hair removal device rental package allows you to rent the device for S$138/month for 10 months. Once those 10 months are up, it’s all yours!

Get your hands on a Datsumo Labo Home Edition now and you’d enjoy S$50 discount every month. Instead of S$138, you’d pay S$88.

Don’t miss this chance to relish in smooth and buttery skin whilst we stay safe at home!

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