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6 Tips To Fully Maximize Your SHR Hair Removal Treatment

Raise your hands up if you too, dread the weekly routine of having to do whatever it takes to get rid of those unwanted hairs.

If you have recently just taken the first step into signing up for a laser treatment with us, congratulations! Here’s to finally saying sayonara to those days for good!

But in order to maximize the potential of your SHR hair removal treatment – you might have to take a few extra precautions and steps on your end.

Here are 6 of our best tips to make your laser treatment work twice as hard, and get the best bang for your buck!

1. Shave before your session

And by that we mean shaving only. No waxing and plucking since that means you will be removing hairs from the root, essentially making it harder for the laser to find the pigment needed to effectively target it for treatment.

In fact, the best time to shave is actually within 24 hours of your next appointment – you will want it to be such that you do not feel any stubble, and the area is free from any irritation from shaving. By doing so, you can help streamline the process for our specialists to focus on performing the actual treatment!

If you find it difficult to squeeze in the time to shave before your appointment, we offer in-house shaving services for all of our customers at a small fee – but why not save yourself that extra coin?

2. Minimize sun exposure

Even though SHR hair removal allows customers with darker skin tones to undergo treatment, staying away from the sun as much as possible can minimize any possible complications, seeing that sun-kissed skin is much more sensitive to heat energy.

If you really must, do all the tanning you need at least 2 weeks before your treatment, making sure you don’t become complacent after – use sunscreen whenever you head outdoors, avoiding direct sunlight for at least another 2 weeks.

3. Try not to exercise after

Exercising also generates heat, and since treated areas are likely to be slightly more sensitive – we highly recommend our customers to avoid hitting the gym for at least the first 24 hours following a session.

It is important to keep your skin clean and cool after any laser hair removal treatment, and sweating could unnecessarily introduce bacteria to the hair follicles, putting them at risk of an infection – no thanks!

4. Stick to the recommended schedule

During your consultation with our specialists, they will be recommending you a schedule that is specifically accommodated to fit your needs. Typically, sessions are spaced out in four to six week intervals – giving your hair follicles sufficient time to grow and be in the active growth (anagen) phase for optimum results!

Depending on your goals, hair condition and skin type – treatment can take up to a year to complete. While this may sound like a long time, tangible results can actually be noticed within the first four sessions (YAY!).

5. Choose the best plan

To get your money’s worth, we currently offer two flexible payment plans for customers to choose from. Doesn’t matter if are just looking for a single leg hair removal option, or multiple body parts that cover larger and more sensitive areas – we promise unbeatable prices and cost savings for all our customers!

We also have trial promotions available for first-time customers to try us out – get up to 40% worth of savings when you try out 4 areas or more:

6. Get out there

With your newly-found confidence and flawless, smooth and fairer skin – we encourage you to put on that new dress, get out, socialize and simply live life to the fullest!

Can you guess which is our favorite tip out of them all?

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