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5 Vital Tips For Your Healing Process After An IPL Treatment

As one of the popular hair removal treatments in Singapore, IPL permanent hair removal isn’t just an effective and safe way to remove unwanted body hair, but it also surprisingly helps in the rejuvenation of the skin!

Its high-intensity pulses of light not only destroy the hair follicles to effectively mitigate hair growth, but it also stimulates collagen regeneration in the skin! This means, on top of smooth skin, you can also revel in the reduction in fine lines, pores and scars!

Given the numerous benefits of IPL treatments, it’s not surprising that it’s been a go-to choice for many, but there are things you have to take note of for that perfect IPL experience.

Whilst this non-invasive treatment requires no downtime, the following 5 things are measures you can do to help aid in the healing process.

1. Shun direct sun exposure

Post IPL treatment, your skin will be sensitive to the sun. If you’re not careful and practise sun protection, it will result in a painful sunburn.

As such, you will want to avoid direct sun exposure and wear a sunscreen of SPF 30 every single day. Whenever you’re out, remember to cover up and wear sunscreen or even a hat for at least one week after each session.

2. Keep your skin moisturised

As your skin recovers from an IPL hair removal treatment, it will start to dry out and peel a little.

To tackle this, apply an abundant amount of non-comedogenic moisturising cream to affected areas every morning and night until it stops showing signs of peeling and dryness.

If you wish to put on makeup after facial hair removal treatment, you may do so! Ensure that a day or two have passed since your session and moisturise your skin regularly for better application. Do note to also apply and remove makeup gently to prevent any skin irritation.

3. Be gentle with your skin

Cleaning is indeed a must-have step in every skincare regime, but your choice of cleanser plays a prominent role in the healing process after your treatment.

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and warm water at least two times a day.

Refrain from using skincare products containing Retin-A, retinol, benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acids as they will only make your skin more sensitive than it already is.

4. Do not pick or scratch

It can be undeniably tempting to scratch or pick your blemishes that will slowly surface after your treatment, but this can result in bad scarring. Allow your blemishes to heal and flake off naturally.

If you’re one with a bad habit of picking or scratching, choose a non-comedogenic moisturiser that’s free of additives, fragrances and perfumes.

You’ll also want to wear loose-fitting clothing to prevent further skin irritation.

5. Avoid hot baths and strenuous exercises

For the next 48 hours upon your IPL treatment, you’ll want to avoid sweating whenever you can.

This means being in a cooling environment for the majority of the day, avoiding strenuous exercise and hot showers.

Overheating the skin will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and thus, lessen your results.

Striving to give you only the best, Datsumo Labo can remove all your unwanted hair on more than 22 areas of your body!

To revel in effective and painless hair removal in Singapore, you can reach out to us for a free consultation, and we’ll help you pave the way for hairless and smooth skin.

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