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5 Things To Note Before Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you’re considering laser hair removal treatment, it pays to study up.

It’s easy to be lured in by the promise of a stubble-free life – in fact, its pros go beyond simply smooth and hairless skin. If you’re susceptible to ingrown hairs that cause hyperpigmentation and would aggravate your skin, these treatments will do the trick and eliminate such issues.

That said, as with any procedures that are done to the body, it’s crucial to thoroughly research the ins and outs of the treatment before you start.

Before you can revel in the impressive end results, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind for a pleasant laser experience.

1. Shave the targeted area before you laser

Before you head down for your session, it’s important that you shave either the night before or in the morning a few hours prior.

If your hair is too long, it will only impede the treatment’s effectiveness as the light energy may be too widely dispersed. Moreover, the laser may react to the hair, leading to irritation.

That said, do not wax or pluck your hairs or there will not be enough hair follicles to absorb the light energy. Also, be sure to avoid cuts and abrasions when shaving.

2. Avoid the sun

Avoid sun exposure, self-tanners and tanning beds as much as you can before your treatment. You don’t want to alter your skin tone from your baseline assessments days prior to your actual session.

Once you’re done zapping away unwanted hairs, be sure to use sunscreen every day and cover the treated area if you could. Coming into contact with them can not only result in skin discolouration after your treatment, but also cause blistering and excessive pain.

3. You can’t hit the gym afterwards

Your hair follicles are still sensitive from the treatment, which is why you’ll want to avoid any activity that can cause you to sweat. Sweat contains bacteria, which will only aggravate your sensitive hair follicles, resulting in a rash or even worse, a skin infection.

On that note, be sure to avoid any activities that will heat up your skin too. Avoid going to the sauna or taking hot showers.

4. You might have to switch up your beauty regime

Within the first few days after getting laser hair removal treatment, you’ll want to avoid using harsh topical beauty products on your skin. Your skin will be very sensitive during the healing process and using harsh beauty products can irritate the skin.

Let 24 hours pass before using any products, and even then, consider using those that are formulated for sensitive skin. Avoid products with glycolic acid, vitamin c and retinol.

5. Be patient

It usually takes around 2 to 3 weeks after your first treatment to see a visible difference, and after 8 to 12 treatments, you get to experience the full results.

As your hair follicles are at different stages of their growth, you have to be consistent with your appointments to ensure every strand of your hair is zapped.

By following the 5 essential tips above, you’re significantly reducing the risk of experiencing side effects that might arise from your laser treatments.

These effects can range from mild skin irritation to discolouration and burns. You’ll also be sure to make the most out of your appointments to attain results that’ll last you a lifetime.

Look no further if you’re looking for the best laser hair removal in Singapore.

We are equipped with a passionate team who strives to boost your confidence by getting rid of your hair painlessly, so you can count on Datsumo Labo for the best results!

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