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3 Cost-Effective Tips To Save Money On SHR Hair Removal

Hair removal is no cheap business.

In fact, a woman spends over $10,000 on hair removal over the course of her entire life – and this amount can easily rack up to $20,000; depending on your preferred hair removal method.

Unfortunately, laser hair removal has received a bad rap over the years for its high upfront cost – although plenty of calculations done have shown that it actually saves both time and money in the long run

To really get the best bang for your buck – we prepared 3 money-saving tips to get you excited about being hair-free in no time!

#1: Sign up for a package that includes both small and big areas.

One of the wonders of SHR hair removal is that it is able to work on multiple areas on the body in the same session.

Generally, laser hair removal prices depend on the area of the body and how much time is required to treat the area. Larger body parts cost more than smaller body parts, which means treating your back or legs is likely to be more expensive than your chin or hands.

If you are considering getting a particular area done, consider getting other areas done at the same time in order to save more dollars and time per session.

At Datsumo Labo, the more you zap away, the more you save! We offer multiple package plans, as well as monthly plans that allow you to customize your treatment and fit your financial budget.

Starting from just $99 for a monthly plan covering 3 different areas, we offer semi-permanent hair removal on 22 body parts; including sensitive areas such as Brazilian laser hair removal!

#2: Look out for monthly promotions.

There are plenty of promotions that Datsumo Labo offers to their customers – so there is no need to wait for the right time to start investing in your treatment.

We pride ourselves in keeping our costs low with no hidden costs – which is why customers can look forward to exciting promotions every month! With birthday perks and referral programs, it is hard NOT to save on SHR hair removal.

#3: Go to professionals who don’t hard-sell.

Always make sure you go to a laser hair removal provider that doesn’t use hard-sell tactics to sell a package that isn’t what you are looking for.

Most importantly, be sure to know exactly what you are paying for, whether it is the state-of-the-art technology, a clean and comfortable environment, or exceptional results.

At Datsumo Labo, our SHR machines are the upgrade to traditional IPL hair removal – and is able to provide faster, more accurate and powerful shots that treats any skin type. Our proprietary Princess Gel™ also provides moisturizing and whitening properties to our customers, so they get a hair removal and pampering treatment all in one!

In addition to just saving time and money, laser hair removal comes with plenty of other benefits – including no more ingrown hairs and a pain-free experience every time! Despite the high upfront cost, the fact that you will achieve up to 80% hair reduction in 4 – 8 sessions means less maintenance needed for the rest of your life!

Every lady knows how time-consuming and tedious hair removal can be, especially for difficult areas such as the legs and Brazilian hair removal. But it doesn’t always have to be this way – book an appointment with us to experience all the perks of SHR hair removal, and save some serious dollars today!

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