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Zap Away Your Fears – Here’s What To Expect At A SHR Session

Laser hair removal treatments such as IPL treatments have long been used to reduce and even permanently remove unwanted and stubborn hair. In recent years however, an even safer, more effective laser treatment has taken its place. Otherwise known as Super Hair Removal (SHR) – the latest hair removal technology has now made it even easier to achieve full body laser hair removal, with guaranteed results at the lowest prices!

Sounds pretty unbelievable right? Well, If you’re planning of hopping onto the bandwagon of getting your first hair removal treatment done – we have put together a dummies guide to prepare you for your virgin hair removal experience – starting with the pre-treatment preparation:

How to prepare for your first session:

  1. Make sure to properly clean the areas that will be undergoing treatment. Restrain from putting any deodorant, lotion, oil, cream and fragrance, especially on treatment areas. It is generally okay to shave regularly prior to your session, but make your last shave at least 24 hours before your session to maximize the results of your treatment. If you tend to suffer from razor burns, shaving one week in advance may be preferred.

  2. Avoid booking your appointments during your menstrual period, especially if you will be treating your pubic region.

  3. Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. Avoid tanning beds at all costs, especially before and after treatment.

  4. If you do have to expose the treatment area to sunlight, use a broad-spectrum, high-quality sunscreen and keep sun exposure to a minimum.

  5. During your initial consultation, be sure to go through your list of burning questions with our specialists, disclosing to them the medications that you are currently on taking care to follow their recommended instructions.

  6. Any cosmetic treatments, including but limited to Botox injections, chemical peels, dermal filler injections and microdermabrasion should be avoided during the treatment period.

What to expect during your treatment:

● During treatment

It is important that our specialists are entirely aware of your health and medical history – which is why the first consultation is always slightly longer. Accounting for important details is crucial for us to consider as part of your tailored treatment, so please be patient with us!

Once you are approved as a good candidate for the treatment, you can then proceed to book your very first appointment.

During the treatment itself, you will be required to change into a robe that will be provided to make it easier for our specialists to proceed with the treatment. Not to worry, your privacy and comfort will always be our top priority! You might also be asked to wear protective eyewear – this is so as to shade your eyes from the bright lights of the laser.

We will then apply our proprietary Princess Gel™ that will help provide a cooling sensation and ensure a painless procedure – you are now officially ready to start your treatment!

Once you are done, we will then apply an after-treatment gel to the treatment area in order to moisturize and prevent any potential skin problems from occurring.

● Post-treatment care (including in-between sessions)

Typically, SHR hair removal has zero downtime and side effects, meaning that you will be able to go back to your daily routine immediately after treatment. In the case that redness and swelling occurs, be sure to notify us immediately for us to take immediate action.

Immediately after your treatment, it is best to avoid exposing your treatment areas to direct sunlight and heat, including exercise, saunas and hot tubs – especially for the first 24 hours after each session. It is also best to switch out your usual lotions and cleansers for gentler versions that aren’t so harsh on your skin so as to avoid irritation.

Hair growth is completely normal throughout the treatment period. Hairs will continue over the first few sessions, and will slowly to reduce and then completely stop as you journey through your treatment.

Ultimately, your SHR treatment is only as effective as how you take care of yourself before and in-between sessions.

Sounds easy enough right? Just 5 simple steps is all it takes at our salon for you to be well on your way to smooth, fairer and hair-free skin! Book your first SHR treatment with us online now!

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