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What You Need To Know About Menopause And Your Hair

Menopause – the dreaded phase in a woman’s life that is synonymous with mood swings, dullness and thinning of the skin and even increased facial hair!

50 is the lucky number, and the average age that ladies start to enter menopause – and while the unpleasant symptoms may begin years before, one of the most noticeable differences that is seen is the gradual thinning of your hair – especially on the front of the hairline and temples.

In fact, the pattern of menopausal hair thinning is similar to the early stages of male pattern hair loss! How scary is that?

Hormonal fluctuations are primarily to blame for this – and especially for the dame who used to be the queen of mane, this can be extremely distressing. Other than the obvious effects on the hairs on our head, did you know that menopause also affects the hairs on our entire body, including facial hair?

While we let that information sink in for a little, let’s jump straight into why menopause has such a significant impact on our hair in the first place:

The Link Between Estrogen and Thick, Lustrous Locks

The changes seen in our hair during menopause is mainly due to the decrease in estrogen as we grow older.

Primarily in charge of a woman’s menstrual cycle throughout her life – estrogen keeps your hair in the growing phase, i.e., the longer the phase, the longer your hair grows.

Reduced estrogen levels in menopause causes the hair growth cycle to shorten and your hair to shed before it is able to fully grow, which is why you might find that the hairs on your head aren’t as voluminous and long as they used to be.

So, you might be wondering – how does that correlate to an increase in facial hair then?

Well, it turns out that with a decrease in estrogen, the levels of androgens (the male hormone) in the body increases in proportion, which can cause extra facial hair (seen in roughly 15% of women) and body hair.

They often appear as “peach fuzz” – small sprouts of hair on the chin, upper lip and jawline, so if you are noticing yourself to be hairier than usual – not to worry, there is a solution.

Tell me already! What is the solution?

You will be glad to know that the nasty symptoms of menopause tend to go away overtime, and it isn’t permanent.

If the sudden hair growth is really bothering you, know that you have a slew of hair removal solutions at your disposal, including age-old methods like tweezing, waxing and threading. However, none is as long-lasting, painless and effective as laser hair removal!

Over at Datsumo, we use Super Hair Removal (SHR) to blast those hairs away! Delivering powerful light energy at multiple wavelengths that cater to your specific needs – we are able to do more than just upper lip hair removal, but also cover over 22 different areas on the body!

So, chin up buttercup! All is not lost. Regain your confidence even through life’s natural process and sign up for one of our many versatile and pocket-friendly package plans today!

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