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Tweezing Guide: What Body Hairs You Should Not Be Plucking

Let’s be clear, facial and body hair is completely natural. Every single person has facial or body hair. Some are hairier than most, some have finer and thinner hair than others.

Your genetics and hormones dictate such attributes, and whilst you can’t change and alter your body compositions, you can manage your body hair.

You can either leave it be or shave it all of – it’s really up to you! But if you’re the latter, here are a few hair removal tidbits (specifically, tweezing) that may just interest you.

While the practice of removing stray and excess hair is now a personal preference, it is a practice that has been shaped over centuries. Now that hair removal technology and techniques to choose from, many women have a hard time trying to pick one that suits them the most.

Tweezing, also known as plucking, is one of the many DIY hair removal methods that women would often use. Apart from being accessible and hassle-free, tweezing also offers you precision and control. You just need to get a tweezer and pick out the stray hair one by one!

Whilst tweezing may be fairly common, experts have shown that it may not be the safest or most effective way.

What happens when you pluck a hair?

When you pluck a stray hair, what you’re actually doing is pulling the hair straight out from the roots. As such, hair will take a longer time to grow and appear thinner, if it ever does.

However, this also means that the process is a painful one. Moreover, tweezers can dig into the skin when trying to reach the hair. This can cause scrapes, scabs and even possible scarring.

When plucking, there are 2 things to bear in mind: having a good pair of tweezers and have them sterilised. Short hairs can be rather hard to get if your tweezers are dull or flimsy. Instead of removing them, you might just break the hairs instead, doubling your work.

In addition, it’s important that you sterilise them with some alcohol to prevent any infections, which may lead to scarring.

Body hairs you should not pluck

While plucking hair may seem like a quick and easy way to remove stray hair, experts have a guide to which hairs you should never pluck.

1.Grey hair

With the appearance of grey hairs, you may be tempted to pluck every single one out. However, hold off the plucking and put down those tweezers!

Plucking grey hair can cause damage to your scalp and hurt hair follicles. When you pluck your grey hairs, you are also traumatising the hair follicles and repeated trauma can invite infection and scar formations.

It may also send the wrong signals to the follicles to stop producing hair in this area, which may lead to potential bald spots.

Moreover, plucking doesn’t actually solve your grey hair problems either! Even if you did pluck your grey hairs, the fact remains that there isn’t enough pigments or melanin in the hair follicles to be coloured. Thus, the hair that grows from the same hair follicle will remain grey.

Besides, plucking can ruin your hair texture or thin your hair for good!

Cutting the strand of grey hair is the best way to go.


Other than being very painful and time-consuming, plucking of armpit hairs is harmful to the skin. The underarms are sensitive to begin with, and you may end up with bumps and ingrown hair.

Instead of opting for such a labour-intensive and time-consuming method, opt for waxing or shaving instead.

Even better, If you are looking for a long term solution, IPL hair removal treatment is a semi-permanent method that can effectively rid of any wanted hair and its results can last for months till the next session.


Plucking isn’t bad for your eyebrows, else why would the majority do it? Even so, it’s crucial that you don’t over pluck as hairs don’t always grow back. If your follicles have experienced trauma, it may lead to permanent damage and could risk permanently losing your natural eyebrows forever!

If you wish to shape your eyebrows, remember not to do it too often and give them time to recover.

4.Nose hair

This may seem to be quite obvious, but the viral nose-waxing trend would signal otherwise.

Not only is the process dreadfully painful, you’d also be getting rid of your first line of defence in your respiratory tract. It helps to filter harmful germs, dust, and other small particles we breathe in every day!

If you still insist on grooming your nose hairs, simply use a pair of nasal scissors to trim the stray hairs that are sticking out.

Finding the right body hair removal method is a long journey that needs a lot of trying and testing. Each has its pros and cons, tweezing included.

For its affordability, accessibility and effectiveness, one would also need to consider how it’s also just as labour-intensive and time-consuming.

If you think you’d prefer something effective as it is quick, perhaps it’s time to look at other methods.

At Datsumo Labo, we provide the best hair removal treatments in Singapore! IPL and SHR treatments have been a popular method among ladies, as they are effective and painless.

Contact us or book an appointment with us to find out more!

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