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The Need To Embrace The New Norm Of A Post-COVID Reality

The coronavirus pandemic has effectively affected the social and economic fabrics on a global scale.

In many countries, they have effectively kept their numbers low and their curve is effectively flattening. Others are not so lucky.

Fortunately, Singapore falls under the former camp and our numbers are relatively lower compared to other countries that have been drastically hit by the coronavirus.

Now that we have welcomed phase 2 of the circuit breaker and the slow reopening of several other businesses and institutions, the effect of the pandemic is glaring.

As a country, we will need to adapt to a new post-COVID19 norm wherein our daily life can never be the same again – at least for the next few months until the introduction of a vaccine.

1. A new form of social responsibility

Now with the slight lax in safety precautionary measures, we are allowed to exercise a little bit of freedom to gain a semblance of normalcy in our daily lives. This means being able to go to public spaces and meet a few of our extended family members and friends.

This reality, however, is only made possible if people exercise COVID19 social responsibility. This means complying with governmental regulations such as the mandated wearing of face masks, social distancing rules and practising good personal and respiratory hygiene.

Public spaces have to abide by the safe capacity limit, with spaces that have a gross floor area bigger than 930 sq m are limited to one person per 10 sq m of GFA.

Individuals are to divulge their location via the Safe Entry tracking app and have their temperatures taken before they can enter into any establishments and the like.

These practices are likely to be the new normal so as to curb and track the spread.

2. Social and financial anxiety

Singapore’s numbers may have been on the low, compared to many other countries, but it still doesn’t mean that we are free from the clutches of the virus either.

With the increasing number of those infected, it’s only natural for there to be an undercurrent of social anxiety. Coupled with the disrupt in daily activities and inaccessibility of certain services, one’s physical health isn’t the only thing that one should be worried about.

Furthermore, the health pandemic is slowly but surely morphing into an economic fallout.

Singapore was forecasting recession even pre-COVID19, but now with the virus halting almost all businesses, the economy has taken a bigger hit. Many are losing jobs left and right as businesses are not able to cope with the loss of profits and returns.

Luckily, the government has made financial aid accessible for individuals and companies that are in need of some financial assistance.

Phase 2 has also allowed the slow reopening of businesses, but it would seem that it’ll take a longer time for the economy to be stable and thriving once again.

3. Digitalisation

During the first few months of the circuit breaker, there was a boom in digital activity across all sectors. It’s hardly surprising since many are cooped up at home with little to no avenue for entertainment.

On that note, businesses have also taken this opportunity to tweak their business model to focus on their online presence and online operations.

Sectors that require close proximity interaction have taken to the digital platform to offer the same type of service, except now remotely.

For instance, digital health apps saw significant growth in users, and the utilisation of telemedicine skyrocketed.

With the change in consumer behaviour and trends, digitalisation of businesses is bound to stay.

4. Human interaction

Pre-phase 2, gatherings were not permitted and people had to be creative now that physical interaction was hampered.

Video-conferencing has become the ultimate solution for individuals to connect with family and friends. Whilst it may not serve the human touch that physical interactions have, it was still better than having no interaction at all.

Now with Phase 2, thankfully there’s some leeway. We are able to meet with our family and friends, so long as the gathering amounts to a maximum of 5 people. That said, safety precautions are still observed.

COVID19 has effectively changed our lives and it doesn’t seem like it’ll change anytime soon.

What used to be a health pandemic is slowly morphing into different facets. It is in our best interest to continue to stay vigilant even during Phase 2.

Like many other businesses, our outlets are open to provide you with your favourite IPL laser hair removal treatment.

With that said, we are still adhering to safety measures as per government regulations. This includes customers needing to book an appointment with us via our call centre, and patrons who have a high body temperature will not be able to enter the premises.

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