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The Essential Guide To The 3 Types Of Hair On Our Body

DID YOU KNOW? We actually don’t just have 1, not 2, but 3 types of hair on our body?

Essentially, all human hair is made of a protein called keratin – and its basic purpose is to form a protective layer on our skin. Depending on many factors, such as our age, race, ethnicity, gender, genetics and hormones – hair appears on our body differently!

Otherwise known as Lanugo, Vellus and Terminal hair – each comes with its own characteristics, which is why the hairs on our head are very much different from the ones seen on our legs and more intimate areas!

Understanding the different types of hair can improve our understanding on how to best remove them, and we can’t complain when there’s something new to learn anyway, right?

Here we go:

Hair Type #1: Lanugo

Lanugo is the hair that mainly covers our body when we are still a child – responsible for keeping us warm and protected, it is mostly shed within a few days of birth. Everyone has lanugo hair, which is later replaced with vellus hair.

Hair Type #2: Vellus (“Peach Fuzz”)

Vellus hair is defined by short, fine and fuzzy hair that is much lighter in colour. After lanugo hair is transformed into coarser, vellus hair as we get older – it functions mainly as a body temperature regulator that helps to keep our bodies cool.

If we are to pay close attention to our skin now, we will be able to find some colourless, fine hair that is less than a few centimeters long when we shine in the light. It can mostly be found all over the surfaces of our body, especially on the face and the back of the neck. It is also the pesky hairs that many women look to remove in lip hair removal treatment. It is fairly unnoticeable in women and children, and more obvious in men.

After puberty, vellus hair is then replaced by the last type of hair – terminal hair.

Hair Type #3: Terminal

Terminal hair is defined by thick and dark hair that is largely affected by our hormones. This is the hair that many of us adults look to remove via body hair removal treatments!

Mostly concentrated in the underarms and private areas of women, and the chest and beard in men – terminal hair is the cause for most of our hair removal woes in adulthood. Since it is also connected to sebaceous glands that produce oil – this can further exacerbate the problems faced with having excessive hair.

Often noticeable on places such as the legs and arms, it can be a cause for concern especially in women – causing self-esteem and confidence issues from a very early age.

Now that we have gotten the science out of the way – it only makes sense that there are multiple hair removal methods when it comes to removing different types of body hair.

Even better – there is now a solution that caters to all types and areas of body hair, known as Super Hair Removal (SHR) laser treatment!

What is SHR Hair Removal Treatment?

A state of the art technology that surpasses IPL hair removal treatment, SHR hair removal is one of the best hair removal solutions in Singapore to date!

Utilizing laser energy tailored to your specific needs – it is able to effectively target fast, accurate and powerful shots that cover a wide range of areas, from facial hair removal all the way to bikini laser hair removal!

An extremely safe, painless hair removal that is performed by our highly-trained hair removal specialists – you will be able to see a great improvement in hair reduction, with hair that is lighter in color, finer in texture, and skin that is smoother and brighter in as little as 6 sessions!

Anyone can now achieve beautiful, hair-less skin – with thousands of glowing reviews from celebrities, bloggers and regular customers – call us to start your journey with us today!

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