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Should We Remove Our Body Hair Or Go Au Naturel?

Society standards of having zero body hair is so prominent today that most women make it a point to shave or undergo a hair removal routine on a regular basis. But have you ever wondered what actually started this obsession of removing excessive, unwanted hair – and why it is to our advantage that we continue to do so?

With everything, there are always pros and cons – and as we explore the topic further on laser hair removal, hopefully you will get some answers of your own!

The Pros of Hair Removal

While it is safe to say that hair removal is mostly for cosmetic reasons (yes, summer bikinis and sexy bodysuits!), there is actually some merit to facial hair removal and body hair removal.

Firstly, it encourages personal hygiene – it is medically proven that bacteria love residing in the moist environment of our underarms and intimate areas. Thus, shaving the hair can prevent any harmful bacteria from intruding our skin. It also reduces the tendency of body odor since there is now less body hair for bacteria to thrive and breed – a problem that many women living in hot and humid climates such as Singapore experience.

In addition, the complexion of our skin is also an extremely important facet of self-care – and removing body hair can make skin smoother and appear much fairer. In fact, our Princess Gel™ makes your skin not just look, but feel clean, bright and silky smooth!

More than just being a part of your monthly pamper-me session – our Super Hair Removal (SHR) gives our customers the added benefit of igniting confidence in wearing that brand-new outfit!

The Cons of Hair Removal

A function of body hair is that it actually helps to regulate your temperature. It actually retains heat when you are cold, and removes heat when you are feeling hot. Essentially, it helps to keep your internal temperature system in check; however, it isn’t a dominant factor when it comes to regulating temperature in the body. This is why you can undergo armpit hair removal or leg hair removal and not feel a major difference!

Why Laser Hair Removal

While it seems that there are many more pros than cons for removing your facial and body hair; however, we always recommend doing whatever suits your own preferences and what makes you feel the most confident and beautiful.

If you do decide to remove your body hair – laser hair removal through SHR machines is currently the best technology in the market that can help you achieve painless hair removal at areas such as your legs, upper lip, bikini line and underarms – with stunning results! All it takes is about 6 sessions every month or so, and you will be one step closer to achieving hairless, smooth and flawless skin!

Whether it’s that last-minute beach vacation that you have just booked, or an upcoming date night – pack your bags and get yourself ready by booking your first consultation with us!

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