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Remove Unwanted Hair At Home With This Fuss-Free Method

Removing unwanted body hair in a bid to achieve flawlessly smooth skin can be a strenuous, time-consuming feat. With the recent heightened alert measures put in place, it might also be more difficult to make a trip down to our trusted beauty salons and seek out hair removal treatments from professionals in Singapore. This leaves us with no choice but to seek out home remedies instead.

From niche methods like sugaring to the classic old-school shave, there are various alternatives to hair removal that you can easily accomplish in the comfort of your own home. However, there is one method that surpasses the rest in terms of speed, safety and affordability.

Introducing: Datsumo Labo Home Edition!

Shaving is generally the most popular form of hair removal that is accessible anywhere. It is inexpensive, efficient, and mostly painless. It is also a timesaver that effectively gets rid of body hair.

However, it does also come with its downsides – when not incorrectly, shaving can result in ingrown hairs and razor burns. It is also not highly recommended for more delicate areas, including Brazilian hair removal. While there are other alternatives such as waxing and sugaring – they too, come with the possibility of redness, irritation and can be considerably painful.

Thankfully, there is now a better way of removing unwanted hair without having to step out of the house! Datsumo Labo Home Edition is the first of its kind in the industry that allows anyone to get professional results in a fast, safe and fuss-free manner!

Professional results in the comfort of your own home

Boasting 5 power levels, it is completely safe to use on the whole body including the face and bikini areas. If you are afraid of pain, the in-built cooling mechanism is designed to cool the skin immediately so there are no additional steps are required.

Achieve full-body hair removal in as little as 15 minutes and breeze through uneven areas with the device’s high sensitivity touch sensor function. Best of all, this device only weighs 277 grams – simply pack and use the device whenever you go for staycations or before attending an important event!


Home remedies might be effective in the short run, but nothing beats getting proper full body laser hair removal treatments done by professionals. At Datsumo Labo, we offer SHR, a superior upgrade from IPL hair removal. This is a semi-permanent hair removal procedure that is safe, painless and delivers fantastic results.

We also have an experienced team at the ready, determined to assist you in achieving flawless, smooth skin. And if being able to safely remove unwanted hairs whenever you want sounds like a good idea, the Datsumo Labo Home Edition is available for rent or purchase, starting from as low as $68 per month!

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