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Peach Fuzz No More: Why Women Are Shaving Their Faces

Women shaving their faces is not anything new – legend has it that even the Marilyn Monroe was a big fan.

But despite the fact that this technique has been around for decades and even centuries, there has been a misconception that it’s only reserved for men.

That said, this trend has been picking up in recent years – and with great reasons too.

The search for new skincare methods for a brighter and fuzz-free complexion is never-ending, and face shaving has jumped into the mix.

Let’s learn more about this skincare technique to help you decide if shaving your face is truly for you.

Why do women shave their faces in the first place?

Let it be known that ridding your facial hair is not a must, but should you wish to, you definitely can!

In fact, Japanese women have been doing it for years. Kao sori (Japanese for face shaving) is a customary skincare technique wherein they use tiny razors to shave off their facial hair, leaving a smooth complexion that can effectively absorb their skincare products.

Research has shown that the benefits of shaving lie in removing unwanted hair and dead layers of skin. Moreover, a smoother complexion makes a better canvas for product application – whether it’d be skincare products or makeup.

The how-to to prepping your face

Similar to how you’d prep your body for a shaving session; likewise, you’ll need to prep your face as well!

In fact, having clean skin sets the necessary foundation for effective hair removal as the procedure can easily introduce bacteria into the skin. By removing dirt, debris and skin that has accumulated throughout the day, the possibility of breakouts and skin irritation is greatly reduced.

Cleansers that are non-comedogenic and fragrance-free are highly recommended.

Apart from having a clean face, having the appropriate razor is paramount. Put down your usual razor and opt for a clean razor that is used solely for the face.

Since each part of your skin houses different types of bacteria, you’d want to be extra careful lest you’d experience severe breakouts and skin irritation.

Another tip, handheld facial blades are the most effective for shaving off the light, fine hairs.

How do you shave your face properly?

To deflect friction and prevent any irritation, it’s crucial that you first wet your face in order to soften those hair follicles.

Next, grab your favourite shaving cream or gel and apply a thin layer before you start shaving at a 45-degree angle.

As with shaving your legs or other parts of your body, remember to use short and light strokes, and always shave in the direction that your hair grows.

Finally, rinse and apply a non-comedogenic moisturiser and voila, you’re done!

Side effects of shaving the face

It’s worth noting that shaving is not for everybody.

Those who have skin sensitivity are advised to never shave as it may cause skin irritation.

If your skin is prone to getting irritation bumps or ingrown hairs, it’s best to skip your shaving session. Instead, opt for other hair removal treatments, such as IPL hair removal treatments, to get rid of those fine hairs.

At Datsumo Labo, helping you achieve your desired aesthetic has always been our prerogative.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, our professional hair removal specialists are adept at ridding those pesky, unwanted hairs with little to no discomfort on your end.

So enjoy silky smooth skin and boast newfound confidence with the one of the best hair removal in Singapore.

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