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Know The Different Masks That’ll Protect You From COVID19

The Singapore government has implemented several safety precautions that everybody has to abide by, one of them being wearing face masks whenever one heads out of their homes.

Since COVID19 transmissions are done via water droplets, these masks will help to contain droplets that come out of your mouth or nose whenever you talk, sneeze or cough. Similarly, it’d protect you from droplets from the people around you.

Different levels of masks serve different purposes in specific situations. Instead of body hair removal, we’ll serve you all the information you’ll need to know about your face masks!

Professional respirators

Also termed as the N95 respirators, these professional medical equipment are made to reduce the wearer’s exposure to small particles such as aerosols and large non-aerosols droplets.

They are able to filter out at least 95% of airborne particles, both small and large.

These masks are also tight-fitting to prevent any leakage around the edges.

These masks are usually reserved for those who are most at-risk, which are the front liners. Since they have the most exposure to the virus, they will also require the best protection.

Procedural and surgical masks

Even though they are not as tight-fitting as the N95 respirators, these surgical masks are fluid resistant. This feature alone gives you ample protection against larger respiratory droplets that are produced when one sneezes or coughs.

However, do note that since these masks are not tightfitting, leakage may occur around the edge whenever you inhale and exhale.

Thus, be sure to find one that’s of the right size for your face, or it’ll be for nought!

Cloth masks

Cloth masks, whilst not ideal, can still provide you with some form of protection. They can prevent larger respiratory droplets from entering your respiratory system.

One consideration to take note is the fact that they absorb moisture, and by extension, the large respiratory droplets you’re trying to avoid.

Thus, remember to keep your hands away from the outer part of the mask, and if you had to touch it, remember to wash your hands with soap!

One great thing about cloth masks is its accessibility. Even if you don’t wish to purchase these masks, you can easily make them at home with items from your closet!

Always opt for thicker and more densely woven cotton fabrics as they will filter the droplets better. However, do make sure that they are also breathable.

You may also want to include a pocket where you can insert a filter of your choice, such as coffee filter and HVAC anti-allergy filters.

Mesh masks

In the US, wearing a mask is not mandatory in some states and even in states that require one to wear a mask, some individuals refused to abide by the rules set by the county.

Unfortunately, some individuals have decided to bypass the law by using mesh masks instead.

Please do not wear these mesh masks. The material is not dense enough to provide any protection from both small and large droplets, which renders it obsolete. To do so would be to put both you and the people around you in danger.

When you’re looking to purchase a mask, look out for one that has at least 2 layers of fabric.

The ideal masks would be the N95 respirators but should you wish to get yourself the surgical or cloth masks, ensure that they are of the right sizing.

These masks come with ear loops or ties, but for those who find masks to be especially uncomfortable or painful, you may want to consider getting yourself a mask strap.

With the implementation of Phase 2 of the circuit breaker, we are excited to offer you the same body hair removal services, including the bikini hair removal and IPL facial hair removal treatments!

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Reach your desired beauty aesthetic whilst still staying safe!

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