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Fact Vs Fiction: 6 Most Common Shaving Myths Debunked

Remember when you first started shaving, and you’ve received tons of sharing advice from those around you?

Chances are, amongst those well-meant suggestions, a few of them are probably backed by common shaving myths that have been going around for decades. Now, this cycle stops with you!

Read on as we get facts straight and debunk 6 of the most common shaving. Even with the best shaving cream, shaving your body hair can be a stressful experience, but this article helps you improve the way you shave as well as manage your body hair growth.

1. Shaving causes hair to grow faster, thicker and darker

Luckily for us, this common shaving myth is simply not true.

The two attributes that directly impact body hair growth, colour and thickness are hormones and genetics – not shaving.

When you shave, you’re simply shaving the hair that emerges through the surface of your skin. Your razor blade gives the hair a blunt tip, making it feel course and appear darker or thicker – but it’s not.

Shaving your hair doesn’t lead to faster hair growth or a change in your hair type.

What does affect the speed of hair growth, however, is the area in which it grows. For instance, underarm hair grows approximately 50 per cent faster than leg hair, thus requiring more maintenance.

2. Shaving every day is bad for your skin

Since shaving is a form of mild exfoliation, there is a misconception that shaving your skin every single day can be damaging on the skin.

Apart from the possibility of you nicking or cutting your skin with the blades, shaving doesn’t pose any problem!

Apart from using sharp and gentle razor blades, you can take care of your skin by applying non-comedogenic moisturisers into your routine.

Far from damaging your skin, shaving can actually keep it healthy. Shaving does not only remove hair but also exfoliates and gets rid of dead skin cells.

With a sharp and fresh blade, shaving can be easy and gentle on the skin.

3. Using soap is as good as using a shaving cream

You may love your body soap and body wash, but you can’t run away from the fact that it’s simply not formulated to aid your blade in gliding effortlessly over your skin.

Stick to products like shaving cream, foam or gel when using a razor, as these are meant to lessen friction and lubricate your skin for the painless hair removal procedure.

These products can also give you the protection you need from shaving irritation, something body soap and body wash can’t provide you with.

Additionally, never dry shave as it increases the risk of nicks and cuts.

4. Shaving continuously over the same spot results in a cleaner shave

Shaving over the exact same area multiple times will irritate your skin.

If shaving once with a razor fails to give you the close and clean shave, start by reapplying your shaving cream and gently shave over the particular spot again.

If you find yourself struggling to attain a clean shave, this might be a sign to change your razor blade.

5. It’s okay to use someone else’s razor

You should never share razors under any circumstances, for obvious sanitary reasons. Apart from not knowing the other person’s hygiene practices, getting nicked and cut from using someone else’s razor can lead to infections.

6. Shaving leaves you with dry and flaky skin

A razor blade may shake off flaky and dry skin cells along with body hairs, but prolonged contact with water can lead to your skin losing moisture. When this happens, it will result in dry and itchy skin.

As such, it’s crucial that you keep your skin moisturised and hydrated after every shaving session.

Shaving is one of the many accessible hair removal methods that are not only safe, but effective – if done right.

If you wish to enjoy optimal hair removal results, you may want to consider opting for our IPL permanent hair removal treatments!

Using only state-of-the-art technology, our treatments are designed to mitigate hair growth from the hair follicle! This leaves excellent hairless results that will last for weeks, even months!

If you’re up for a few zaps, contact us via our online form and we’ll help you attain the silky, smooth skin you’ve always desired.

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