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Before Your At-Home Hair Removal Process: 5 Things Note

The personal journey of a hair-free body done at home has always been a cumbersome and painful one.

Shaving was one of the very first approaches to reaching smooth and silky skin, but it had to be done once every 2 or 3 days.

The results from waxing last longer but the temporary pain from getting your hair strands ripped out from their follicles may not be something many would want to experience.

Thankfully, ‘beauty is pain’ is no longer an adage that many will need to abide by – and all thanks to the IPL at-home hair removal devices! Not only are they convenient, they get the job done with minimal discomfort!

Similar to IPL laser hair removal treatments in the beauty salons, these devices use highly concentrated light to destroy hair follicles that are located beneath the skin. By doing so, it’ll temporarily mitigate and disable hair growth and leave the skin hairless for an extended period of time.

Our Datsumo Labo Hair Edition is one of many that will help you achieve your desired smooth and silky skin. Designed with two modes: single shot mode and continuous mode, with 5 power levels each – you can toggle between the two modes and 5 power levels to figure out the combination that suits you best.

This feature also allows you to work on sensitive skin such as the philtrum or the bikini line. Furthermore, it’s built with a mechanism that immediately cools the skin after every shot, so you wouldn’t need to worry about pain or discomfort!

To ensure that you enjoy the optimal results, we’ve come up with a few things you may want to take note of.

1. Consistency is key

The fact of the matter is, results don’t mysteriously appear without any effort on the user’s part.

It’s easy to forget about the device after one-time use, after all, you’d be enjoying a body free from unwanted hair for 3 whole months!

Unfortunately, that’s when the results will wane and you’d see your prickly friends making a comeback.

Whilst it’s true that IPL devices are able to mitigate hair growth, it’s only a temporary solution. Hair follicles have their own individual growth cycles and after a few weeks, it’ll restart again.

You may want to use it once every 4 weeks to maximise the potential of targeting the most follicles, especially for areas that you might’ve missed along the way.

Luckily, our Datsumo Labo Home Edition is equipped with high sensitivity touch sensor function that will allow you to target even the most uneven surfaces without any trouble at all! You’ll be able to target every part of your body with ease!

With that said, ensure consistent usage of your portable IPL device and you’d be able to maximise its effects and benefits.

2. Permanent results with a time limit

Don’t be too surprised when you don’t see a stark difference after the first few treatments.

Your body needs time to temporarily halt the hair growth process, which is why results will only appear after the 3 month mark – some even longer due to their unique hair and skin type.

Once it reaches to that stage, your hair will get thinner and thinner, and the results will last even longer till you reach the point where you wouldn’t have to worry about unwanted hair for the following months to come.

3. Some hair and skin types may be a little tricky

Unfortunately, laser hair removal doesn’t treat all hair and skin types the same.

The device works best when there is an obvious contrast between the hair follicles and your skin tone – the optimal pair would be darker hair and lighter skin.

Those that have grey, blonde or red pigments, as well as darker skin tones, may find it harder to rid their unwanted body hair. Worst comes to worst, you may even get burnt!

Those who have little to no contrast between the hair follicles and the skin may need to resort to traditional methods of removal, such as shaving and waxing, or opt for Super Hair Removal! The latter is an upgrade from IPL machines and one of its many features include the ability to customise the wavelengths to suit your unique skin tone and skin type.

4. Post-treatment

Your skin has undergone through a major change and due to the IPL, it has become more sensitive than it has been.

You’re encouraged to not only use non-comedogenic moisturiser, but also to regularly lather your skin in SPF! Since your skin is now even more susceptible to sun damage, sun protection is crucial!

At Datsumo Labo, we’ve always strived to assist you in your body hair removal journey. Thus, the introduction of Datsumo Labo Home Edition during the circuit breaker period.

Thankfully, with the implementation of phase 2 of the circuit breaker, we are reopening our outlets to once again offer you your favourite laser treatments for hair removal!

We’re excited to once again welcome you to our stores and hope to serve and help you attain supple, smooth skin.

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