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A Serious Hairy Armpit Affair: To Shave Or Not To Shave?

Once every few weeks, you reach for the razor in the shower to cumbersomely shave your pits – it brings forth this question: just why do we have armpit hair in the first place?

As with shaving any body parts, shaving your armpits is an aesthetic preference. The same goes for keeping it, if the au naturel trend is anything to go by. Shaving, or the lack of, poses no health benefits whatsoever.

If you’re wondering what’s the function of armpit hair and are deliberating whether to shave your pits or not, we’re here to give you the lowdown.

All about armpit hair

Also referred to as axillary hair, armpit hair gets its start from puberty.

Once a child has hit puberty, their pituitary gland will trigger the production of androgens hormones in the ovaries and testicles. These sex hormones will cause the apocrine sweat glands, glands associated with hair follicles in the axillary (armpits) and pubic area, to start functioning.

During such phases of intense hormonal shifts, the body hair will change its composition. Once puberty rolls in, hair will become thick, strong and darker in colour. In this regard, the higher your androgen levels, the thicker your armpit and pubic hair will be.

To shave or not to shave

Many aren’t bothered by the hair on their armpits, and some prefer their armpits to appear hair-free. There are several benefits to both choices, so be sure to know what they might be before you proceed to shave or otherwise.

Pro-leave it alone

Whilst it may be inconvenient at times, body hair does pose several advantages.

One such advantage is the pheromones released by these hairs. This naturally-producing chemical plays a vital role in sexual attraction, and by leaving your armpit hair intact, you’re effectively trapping the pheromones.

Since most hair is porous, expect them to cling onto your sweat and by extension, pheromones, for quite some time.

A 2018 study found that by smelling a partner’s pheromones, one’s cortisol levels will drop. Not only does it help you catch a mate, but it allows you to relieve your stress as well!


The benefits of shaved armpits are rather straightforward. Since hair holds onto moisture, shaved armpits will naturally result in less sweating and less sweat odour.

Side effects of shaving

As with any other body parts, shaving your armpits can come with several unwanted side effects.

If done with a dull blade, you may be left with ingrown hairs, nicks, razor burn, and skin irritation.

As such, you want to ensure that you always opt for a sharp blade and slather lubrication before shaving. Always make an effort to shave it according to the direction of the hair growth to decrease the chances of razor bumps.

Ultimately, it’s your personal decision whether to remove your armpit hair.

For some, they choose to leave it alone as a sign of appreciation for the natural feature of the body – some even going so far as to dye it pink and purple! But if going bare fits your preferences, do it!

Let Datsumo Labo help you achieve those smooth armpits.

With the latest hair removal technology in the market, we strive to give you a full facial and body pampering experience that will leave your armpits hair-free!

On top of underarm hair removal, we also offer other body hair removal treatments such as Brazilian hair removal and facial hair removal.

So don’t wait and book an appointment with us today! Hair-free armpits await you.

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