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A Guide To Targeted Body Parts And Laser Hair Removal

With beauty, comes pain. Hair removal methods used to revolve around that sentiment, especially when you consider waxing and threading as some of the more popular ones.

Luckily for us, technology has advanced to the point where you no longer need to endure a painful experience for the sake of having silky smooth skin.

Laser hair removal treatments such as our Super Hair Removal (SHR) treatments deliver fast and accurate shots that will effectively destroy the composition of the hair follicles.

That said, if you’re a first-timer, you may not be sure of the target areas that are suitable for these laser hair removal treatments. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s a list of areas wherein you can afford to laser off any unwanted hair!

The face

Women often opt for laser facial hair removal because this means they do not have to visit the parlour for the regular session of plucking, waxing, and threading.

All skincare enthusiasts know that tugging of your skin is a definite no-no, unless you wish for fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial hair removal laser treatment will not only reduce the risk of fine lines, but your smooth skin will also become an amazing canvas for a seamless makeup application. Trust us when we say that the difference is astounding!

The underarms

As one of the common target areas, having smooth underarms is an aspect that sets the foundation of hygiene practice.

Laser hair treatment is a fantastic armpit hair removal approach as the hair follicles are removed from underneath the skin. This translates to a slow regrowth and even then, the hair will appear finer after every session.

Our Princess Gel™ takes it up a notch as it contains moisturizing and whitening properties so you can achieve smoother and fairer underarms.

The legs

Singapore’s hot and humid weather often pushes many of us to wear shorts or short dresses – well, the fact that they look cute is also another reason.

However, some of us may not want to sport hairy legs, and it especially doesn’t help if they also have a fast growth rate.

Say goodbye to regular tedious shaving and waxing with semi-permanent hair removal treatments!

The Bikini or Brazillian area

Regardless of the reasons, whether it be for hygiene or aesthetic purposes, women have been removing their pubic hair for the centuries. Of course, pubic hair removal is part of that equation.

Similar to the other areas, leave the hassle of any tedious hair removal methods and switch over to our semi-permanent laser hair removal treatments!

Whether it’d be Bikini line or Brazilian hair removal, our SHR treatments are designed to cover even the sensitive areas and deliver the best results!

It will accommodate to your skin type, thus you wouldn’t have to worry about discolouration and skin complications.

With the help of laser hair removal, certain areas of your body can be targeted from which the hair will be removed till it grows back a few months later.

This solution often proves to be better and more cost-effective in comparison to regular visits to the parlour for waxing and threading sessions.

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