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5 Reasons Why Ladies Love SHR: Best Hair Removal Treatment

The laser hair removal industry is expected to reach over USD 3.9 billion by the year 2026 – and the number of both men and women looking to start their treatment is only going to continue growing.

Starting back in the 90s, laser hair removal has since advanced to a point where it is painless, effective and accessible for the masses!

And here in Singapore, it is too, one of the best hair removal methods to achieve flawless, hair-free skin – using the power of intense light energy to destroy the hair follicles so that it doesn’t grow back.

If you aren’t completely sold yet – here are 5 more reasons that might just win you over:

#1: Say NO to ingrown hairs and irritated skin!

Those who aren’t new to hair removal will have probably experienced their fair share of painful and irritating stubbles and razor cuts from shaving, tweezing and waxing on a frequent basis.

Since SHR is a semi-permanent hair removal solution – it can promise that you will no longer have to face the problem of ingrown hairs, since the root of each hair is being completely removed to stop the problem in the first place!

Getting to hard-to-reach areas such as your back or attempting a D.I.Y. Brazilian hair removal can also lead to inconsistent hair removal and unnecessary nicks and irritated skin – so why bother when you can prevent all that in the care of experienced specialists in a comfortable environment?

#2: Little to no maintenance!

Our SHR machines allow our specialists to remove hairs in one fell swoop – targeting multiple hair follicles at a time to increase the efficiency of a single treatment.

Using SHR’s advanced technology, many customers often see improvement in just the first session! In fact, the more sessions you undergo, the more you ensure hairs are being zapped and destroyed – and the less maintenance you require in the long run.

That means no more last-minute shaves before a major event, or forgetting to do so while on a flight to your long-awaited vacation!

Seeing that us women spend 72 days shaving over the course of our lifetime, sparing 6 – 8 sessions of a few hours is nothing. It’s a truly liberating experience!

#3: Smoother, fairer skin overall!

A huge disadvantage of shaving and depilatory creams is that it can dry out your skin and lead to skin breakages, but that is not the case after SHR hair removal.

Before starting your treatment, our specialists will first apply our unique Princess Gel™ to the skin – it offers not only cooling properties to ensure a pain-free and comfortable experience from start to finish, but also has both moisturizing and whitening properties that many of us customers swear by!

It can even help with acne in some cases, since oil often gets trapped in hair follicles that can exacerbate the problem of acne flareups. Even just a reduction of hair follicles can reduce the formation of acne and make your skin feel fresh and clean.

#4: EVERYONE benefits from SHR!

And we aren’t joking.

While IPL hair removal isn’t recommended for ladies with darker skin types because of its inability to detect the difference between dark skin and dark hair – our superior SHR technology is safe and perfect for all skin types, no matter your skin tone or condition!

SHR uses concentrated energy at a low level, so your surrounding skin is left unharmed and you don’t have to worry about getting burns and pigmentation.

SHR actually directly targets the hair follicle instead of just the melanin pigments found inside – so you don’t necessarily have to wait for your hair to be in the correct phase of the hair growth cycle to see results. Given its versatility, our specialists are able to cater the machine’s wavelength to customize your treatment in order to get consistent and amazing results every session.

#5: Regain your CONFIDENCE!

There are plenty of ladies out there who aren’t happy with the unwanted hair on their face and body. Not only can it make you feel self-conscious, it can also make you feel shy in social situations and limit your wardrobe choices.

The great news is, there are so many areas that SHR technology works on – at Datsumo Labo, our customers are able to choose from over 22 areas on the face and body, including bikini laser hair removal and underarm laser hair removal.

Today, it’s all about removing body hair smarter, not harder. Feel more confident in your own skin and experience SHR with our team of friendly and caring specialists – contact us today to book your first appointment!

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