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4 Simple Sustainable Practices To Adopt During COVID19

For the past few years, we’ve seen the horrific environmental aftermaths caused by climate change. On top of that, the arrival of the novel coronavirus hasn’t been making the entire situation any better.

In fact, sustainability efforts have been thwarted by COVID19 and in some cases, exacerbated global warming and climate change.

Take a look at numbers of plastic consumption due to takeaways during circuit breaker and you’d realise we may have taken two steps back for every one step forward.

Despite our world turning upside down, global warming and climate change still march on.

Thinking green may seem like a luxury during a global pandemic but nobody said we couldn’t tackle 2 problems at the same time!

Discover some of the sustainable tweaks you can incorporate in your new routines to stay safe and green!

1. BYO containers

If you’ve been in the sustainable game for quite some time, this is a no brainer.

As mentioned prior, the use of disposable food containers has been on the rise due to the increasing takeaway orders during circuit breaker. So much so that we’d face a potential shortage!

And as with many manmade materials, these plastic containers will be left on the landfills and oceans for decades and even centuries before it starts to fully breakdown.

Any attempt at being environmental and sustainable is not complete without a little effort.

Head down to your favourite restaurants or food stalls to dine in, and if not, bring your own reusable containers for any takeaway meals.

Refusing single-use disposable food containers will be impossible when ordering food via delivery apps. Thus, refuse any single-use cutlery instead and opt to reuse these plastic containers for other purposes.

2. Support local farmers

Skip the supermarket crowd and opt for fresh produce delivered from our local farms! Singapore may be small and limited in resources, but that doesn’t mean we have none.

Instead of opting for produce that’s flown from many miles away, reduce your carbon footprint by getting your food from our very own farmers and growers.

Besides, you’d be supporting the local economy whilst you’re at it!

In fact, why not take this opportunity to be a grower yourself and plant your favourite herbs to harvest for your cooking.

3. Make your own masks

As part of the precautionary measures, mask-wearing is the first vital step to safeguarding our health and the health of others.

In the first few weeks of the first circuit breaker, we’ve witnessed the hoarding of these necessities and even now, disposable masks are in short supply.

Fortunately, there is an approach that can combat this shortage and protect your health at the same time, all whilst being sustainable. The answer is to simply make your own masks!

Whilst cloth masks are far from the medical-grade masks, studies have shown that 100% cotton masks can successfully filter between 50%-70% of viral particles from the air. In fact, your tea towel can filter 70%-80% of viral particles!

Furthermore, making these masks are not complicated either. Simply cut an area that fits your face snugly and put it all together using elastic bands!

Those who know their way around with a needle and a thread can sew your own face covering as well!

4. Sustainability includes practising contentment

Unfortunately, staying at home for the majority of time often calls for online shopping to assuage the mental stress and boredom. This brings about a slippery slope where we can be succumbed to impulse buying.

Thus before you press that purchase button, sit down and think whether you truly have any need in the things you’re about to buy.

Sustainability also includes being content with the things you already have, and during a time where social distancing is a newfound practice, this lies with the intangibles: good health and the company of your loved ones.

Consume only what you need and spend your time on things that truly matter.

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