DATSUMO LABO HOME EDITION - Portable Hair Removal Device
5 reasons for a peace of mind
use the device for 10 months & we'll give you the device! stop the rental anytime! decided that you like the device? purchase it by paying the remaining months upfront! free exchange of faulty devices & refund available if not suitable for skin
professional power, professional results. 5 power levels to choose from. safe to use even on the whole body, even of face and bikini areas. almost painless! with built-in cooling mechanism. snow chill, cool of the skin. no additional care
hair removal device for rental

Frequently Asked Questions



1. Contact Us
Do send in your queries and/or feedback to feedback.sg@datsumo-labo.com
Please allow up to 3 to 5 working days for us to get back to you.

2. Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we are able to ship overseas (from Singapore) only for Home Edition purchases. Please contact us directly for shipping costs.

3. I need the item urgently, can my order be expedited?
For expedited orders, please drop us an e-mail at feedback.sg@datsumo-labo.com or message us through WhatsApp at +65-92715013 to check if we can accept the expedite order.
We reserve the right to reject your order/request if we are unable to fulfill your expected deadline.

4. Can I cancel an order/rental period?
Once the device has been shipped out, you will not be able to cancel the order. For rental, the minimum months has to be fulfilled as part of the contract

5. Where should I return the rental product to?
Please return the product to the following address together with all peripherals and order chit attached:

To: Datsumo Labo (Somerset Branch)
Address: #04-16 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896

You can either return it in person or send it over via post. *Datsumo Labo will not be liable of any loss or damage of product during product return delivery. To safeguard customers, we strongly suggest to use a shipment with tracking and insurance (optional)

6. I decided that I like the device and would like purchase it, but I am currently on rental. What should I do?
You can purchase the device by using the amount you already paid during your rental period to offset the purchase amount. Eg, if you have paid a total of 5 months of $138/month rental plus deposit of $200 and the purchase price is at a promotional price of $1188 (original price $1388), pay the remaining $298 to own the device.



Please read the T&C’s carefully before proceeding to purchase!

1. Pre-order stock
Our pre-orders are limited in stock numbers and we will stock accepting orders once the limit is reached. You can choose to be in our waiting list so that we can contact you once the next stock arrives in August.

2. When will the stocks arrive?
The stocks are set to arrive around 20th July, but shipment might be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. We plan to send out all orders by end July. We will inform customers nearer to the date regarding the shipment & delivery schedule, & when we have shipped out the orders.

3. Can I cancel my pre-order?
You may cancel for free before the stocks arrives in Singapore. If you wish to cancel after we have sent out the stock arrival notifications, there will be a $200 charge and the rest of the payment will be refunded.

4. Will I be charged immediately after pre-order or only when stock arrives?
You will be charged immediately after paying via Paypal or Lazada.

Product Usage


1. What is the power usage of the device?
This device uses up to 45W. This device also uses a 2-pin plug as it is a product of Japan and you will require an adapter. If needed, we may provide the adapter for you to keep at a fee of $5.

2. Will the device run out of shots?
The Home Edition boasts a total of 300,000 shots, enought to use for 300 rounds of full body hair removal.

3. How do I keep the device clean?
1. Turn off the power, unplug the power cord, and allow the product to cool. *The glass surface will become hot during use. Always allow it to cool it down first before cleaning the glass surface.
2. Use a damp cloth that has been tightly wringed to remove excess water and clean the glass surface & metal frame.
3. If the small crevices of the irradiation surface is difficult to clean, using a cotton swab is plausible but be careful not to leave any fibers on the surface. If necessary, wipe the product with a dry cloth.
More information is written in the Instruction Manual.

4. How often should I use the device?
Using the device twice a week on one area is a guideline for treatment intervals. However, it can vary depending on the individual’s constitution and intended usage on which body area.
If you do not feel any results, we recommend increasing the frequency.
More information is written in the Instruction Manual.

5. What is the wavelength emitted for this device?
Our Home Edition’s wavelength is 570nm~1200nm, which falls on the yellow, orange and red spectrum. This range of wavelength allows our device to improve skin detox and anti-aging whilst doing hair removal.

Couldn’t find what you were looking for?
Do send in your enquiries at feedback.sg@datsumo-labo.com

Terms & Conditions

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Datsumo Labo Home Edition / Terms of Contract

  1. The Home Edition (hereby “HE”) Rental contract will be between the customer and Sedona Singapore International Pte Ltd (hereby “Sedona Singapore”), the management company of Datsumo Labo Singapore. All prices stated in this contract are in Singapore dollars.
  2. The Home Edition Rental contract will be bound for the period of rental. The contract is considered completed and obligations released when rental period of 10 months is completed.
  3. Purchasing a Home Edition is strictly non-returnable and non-refundable due to hygienic purposes, even if the device is not suitable for the customer’s skin.
  4. The original cost of the Home Edition – Purchase price:  $1388 per HE device / Rental price: $138 per month


Payment, Deposit & Shipment

  1. The 1st delivery is free of charge for both rental and purchase. Subsequent delivery costs due to customer negligence shall be borne by the customer.
  2. Product will be delivered after 2-3 days of payment confirmation. *delays might occur due to COVID-19 social distancing measures currently in place
  3. A deposit of $200 will be collected upon payment of upfront rental. (Deposit will be refunded within 2 weeks of product return via Paypal or bank transfer if product is returned in good order)
  4. A Cleaning/Disinfection Fee of $20 will be deducted from the deposit before refunding to the customer.
  5. Any extra charges incurred for delivery due to erroneous information provided during subscription application will be deducted from the deposit upon product return.


Returning HE Device

  1. Return postage shall be borne by the customer. Alternatively, they can directly drop it at our Somerset branch with no extra charges.
  2. When returning the device, it should include: 1. Device box, 2.  HE device, 3. Goggles, 4. Wire adapter for HE device.
  3. Before returning the product, we strongly advise customers to take pictures of the product with the date clearly shown.  Please return the product and its peripherals to the address below:
    To: Datsumo Labo (Somerset Branch)
    Address: #04-16 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
    *Datsumo Labo will not be liable for any loss or damage of product during product return delivery. To safeguard customers, we strongly suggest to use a shipment with tracking and insurance when returning device via postage (optional)
  4. For any spoiled or missing peripherals found, we will deduct accordingly from the deposit before refund. If the amount is insufficient, we will send a Compensation Invoice to the customer via paypal. *Product box: $10, Goggles: $50, Wire adapter for Device $50, HE Device: to pay the remaining amount of original purchase price @ $1388

Breach of Contract

  1. It is the responsibility of the customer to handle the Home Edition device and its peripherals with care during the period of rental.
  2. If any of the following clauses occurs, it will be considered a breach of contract under the negligence of customers and customers are liable to compensate Sedona Singapore accordingly.

(1) Devices are damaged during the course of rental. This includes:
– The case cover and/or buttons of the device has dropped off
– The SHOT button is stuck
– Visible damage and device is unable to turn on (exception of 1st week of order)
Customers who are under rental contract will have to pay a repair fee of $500 to fix their device if it is unable to be turned on or if “ERR” is shown upon return of the HE device. If the device is working but cosmetically damaged, the refurbish fee is at $80. Repair & refurbish fee is not inclusive of shipping/delivery fees and will be charged separately.
*If HE device has been rented for more than 10 months, rental customers are not liable for (1).
*Customers who have exceeded warranty period may also have their HE device repaired at the repair & refurbish cost stated in (1).
(2) Device is lost during the course of rental
(3) Erroneous information was provided during subscription application and device was lost during delivery
(4) Customer does not return the device within the stipulated period after termination of subscription

  1. Compensation comprises paying the Home Edition at its original amount. Customers can use their already paid rental & deposit amount to offset the compensation amount.
  2. The original amount of Home Edition is at $1388, inclusive of GST.
  3. Compensation is absolute and no refunds will be made in any scenario, even if lost devices are found after compensation.

Product Exchange/Refund

  1. Free exchange of faulty devices have to be declared within 1 week of delivery. Devices gone faulty during the course of rental will have first been accessed to determine cause of device fault before further action.
  2. Refund of rental will only be for the rental of the month terminated (one month). All refund applications will require a documentation of the doctor’s letter stating skin is unsuitable before the refund will be processed.

Force Majeure

Timely delivery of goods will be subject to force majeure, or unforeseen events or events beyond the control of Sedona Singapore, such as terrorism, natural disasters, governmental intervention, bans, electrical or material shortage, social decisions, transport delay or damage. This will cause and entitle Sedona Singapore to extend time or reschedule delivery of goods. Likewise, if customers are affected, they shall have time extension to return the goods based on mutual agreement.

Court Jurisdiction

  1. The contract is legal and lawfully binding under Singapore law.
  2. Failure to comply and/or cooperate with any breach of contract will have their case sent & handled by the Singapore police & courts.

Matters not provided for in this T&C and the doubt shall be determined by consultation in accordance with the principles of good faith.

End of T&C Version 2 Updated 23th June 2020 Page