FAQ - Datsumo Labo - Full Body Hair Removal Salon in Singapore


How do you keep prices so low?

Let’s say you purchase 1,000 pencils at 80 yen each. In that case, the total cost is 80,000 yen. However, if the price per pencil is 8 yen and you purchase 1,000, the total cost is 8,000 yen, so you save 72,000 yen.

By assessing the reasonableness of the purchase price for all necessary items and trimming the cost even by 1 yen for each one of over 200 items, Datsumo Labo continues to provide our services for the lowest price.

Our motto is to spare no effort to achieve the lowest price.

How many treatments will I require?

It varies between individuals depending on hair type and condition and also on skin condition, but it’s necessary to have the treatment between 6 and 18 times.

Come for our free consultation and we can better assess your time period based on your skin and hair conditions.

May I cancel a treatment appointment?

Each customer is entitled to a free cancellation if she/he cancels 2 days or more in advance.

1-day before cancellation will be subjected to a $10 cancellation fee. We recommend that customers inform our staff  at least 3 days in advance regarding any change in schedule.

Same-day cancellation will be subjected to a one session forfeit. 

All other additional cancellation penalties or forfeits on signed contracts apply. Please check with your consultant if you are unsure of your Terms & Conditions.

Updated: March 2017

May I terminate a plan partway through?

Please refer to your package terms and conditions with regards to plan/package termination. Customers who signed up for monthly total-body hair removal are required to render a termination notice by the end of the month prior to termination and follow the termination procedure.

Should I be concerned about being urged to purchase other products?

We do not sell other products and you may rest assured that at present we have no plan to sell any products other than the services in the hair removal menu.

However, we will gladly consider doing so if our customers request it.

If you wish to make such a request, please let us know.

Do you have any package plans?

Datsumo Labo offers two plans, a monthly plan and a package plan, both of which provide great savings for our customers.

Customers can choose according to their preferred financial arrangement.

I am very happy with a certain staff member’s service. Is it possible to request them for my future sessions?

Yes, you may! A fee of $5 is applicable for requesting staff members. A portion of this money also goes back to them as personal tips.

I would like to transfer branches, is it possible?

Yes, you can transfer to another branch with a transfer fee of $10 per transfer. Please inform any of our staff or call-center if you wish to do so.