E+LABO - Datsumo Labo's New Cosmetic Lineup with Ci:z Labo



Acne, Pigments, Odor... destroying your perfect make up since time beyond. The unspoken struggle of having to care for difficult skin. It's time to break free from complexes & find a better wayElabo Petite Series. Complex Care Set. 5 Benefits. It's not "merely" just a Complex. A Medical Complex Care Cosmetic Series. Confronting skin problems at its source. Gentle on the skin with chemical-free formula.Whitens & improves dark spots for a clearer skin Suppresses stubborn acne for a more supple skin. Stress no more with sweat odor & B.O control. Long-lasting moisturizing benefitsTurn darkened skin into Pink-skin of Health E+labo Shining Pearl Petite Body Pink Ingredients which surpresses melanin & whitens darkened areas no one likes to talk about... turn areolas and the forested areas into baby supple pinkFor Underarm's Pigmentation & Sweat E+labo Shining Pearl Petite Deodorant "Waki" Clear The extract of chinese herb, Huang Jin 黄芩, is used to brighten "waki", the underarms, while reducing sweat with zinc oxide. A cream deodorant that is solely made for the purpose of beautifying your pitsFor Persistent Irritating Back Acne E+labo Shining Pearl Petite Acneless Body Lotion 3 ingredients mixed together to sterilizes acne and be free from the root cause of pimples. AHA peeling ingredients also offer positive effect of lightening acne scars. A convenient to-go spray type of acne care, especially easy to reach your back.For Acne on Face & Hips E+labo Shining Pearl Petite Acneless Cool Serum Sedates red inflammed acnes with cooling ingredient combi. "7 types of herbal medicine ingredients cleanses acne bacteria and fungus" A moisture serum specialized for the face and hip areaFor Controlling Body Odor & Translucent Skin E+Labo Shining Pearl Petite Deodorant Soap Antimicrobial Isopropylmethylphenol deodorizes your underarm, feet and under-there odour. Natural clay ingredients suppresses irritation for a translucent skinSay Goodbye to Troubled Skin E+Labo Shining Pearl Petite VC100 Facial Mist This includes Lipidure®, an ingredient which offers twice the moisturizing power with hyaluronic that gives radiance to skin. Vitamin C permeates into the skin and minimize pores to make your face oily shine no-more.A Must for Beautiful Hands E+Labo Shining Pearl Petite Hand Cream With Lipidure®, get twice the moisturizing power with control over skin dehydration

×Bacterium ×Odor ×Comple×es
Be free from complexes, be free from stress caused by skin troubles that no one understands

Medical products that help rid of your complexes, produced by hair removal salon. We deal with ladies’ sensitive skin everyday.  Bothersome darkened skin on sensitive areas, body odor and acne on the back or face – is it because I am a woman?! (No.)

This 7 piece set is made for women’s to face & overcome their complexes thoroughly,
a joint developed product of reknowed Dr.Ci:Labo and specialist of hair removal, Datsumo Labo.