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Don't let dark areas affect your confidence any longer!

Our safe and effective INSTAWHITE treatment is designed to brighten up these areas and give you instant results.

Our treatment uses safe and effective ingredients to break down melanin clusters and prevent the formation of new pigments. 



 Supreme Whitening Duo Scrub 

Collagen & gluta gel contains Vit c, E, and Lemon fiber to remove dead skin cells without irritation and texture loss, while niacinamide + arbutin velvet salt is a nourishing and gentle exfoliator to promote skin renewal and achieve a brighter and smoother skin


Whitening Light Therapy

Photothermolysis is a non-surgical treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to heat up targeted tissues in order to break up melanin or pigments in the skin. This leads to the gradual lightening of the skin.


 Snow White Mask 

The formulated whitening mask is highly formulated to gradually whiten dark spots without the painful peeling or scrubbing effect.


Thera-Clear Infusion

Thera-gel formula containing green tea, salysilic and zinc PCA is effective to moisturize the skin, reduce oil production and reduce dark spots. High frequency devices stimulate cell renewal and help skin care products penetration and absorption by gently warming tissues.


 Rose water Brightening Solution 

​Rosewater contains niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and galactomyces to brighten skin, hydrate, and even out skin tone

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