Stay Safe September - Hygienic Hair Removal Deals up to 70% OFF! @ Datsumo Labo

A Spectacular Ending to September

A Spectacular Ending to September


WAKE UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS… With beautiful hairless skin to finish September with a sparkling bang! 🎉✨

If you’ve enjoyed our offerings throughout this month, we’re pleased to inform you that we’re bringing them ALL BACK for the very last weekend! 💕 Be spoilt for choice with ALL SEP PROMOS making a comeback – let’s make it a SSSpectacular ending! 🔚

New Online Consult Option!

For convenience & your peace of mind, we have start our NEW online consult option! Virutally purchase your hair removal packages by contacting our callcenter. If you decide to purchase within 24 hours of contacting us, enjoy an additional $50 OFF your package! T&Cs Apply

Online payment method: PayNow to company UEN

9.9 Unlimited Sale!

Datsumo Labo’s Spectacular September continues with a 12 month Unlimited Sessions Flashsale! ♥️ Choose 1 from 3 of our most requested areas for just $299: Lower Legs, Lower Arms, or Bikin Line (V+I line) & save yourself up to 85% OFF! 🐚

“I want other areas instead!”
Fret not, for you can decide to pick ANY 2 AREAS of your choice for $500 instead! Customise your very own unlimited sessions package that’s suited to your needs

9.9 Week Sale is BACK only till 30 Sept 2020 (Wed), 9:00pm!! 🎁💕

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Stay-Safe Sale: Up to 70% OFF & More

Break free from the endless shaving cycle & free your skin forever.

This September, take the first step to say goodbye to your razors with our hair removal sale!

Final purchase extension till 30 Sept 2020 (Mon), 9pm :soap:

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Life’s still a beach even in 2020… but let’s make the best of it!

Enjoy ⏫UP TO 70% OFF*⏫ our Full Brazilian packages this September! Your indoor lounging is about to get even more comfortable ✨

Don’t forget this sale has been extended & your last chance to grab it only till 30 Sept 2020 (Wed), 9:00pm!! 🎁💕

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Why Datsumo Labo?

Smooth Skin Control (S.S.C)
Specially manufactured in our Japanese labs, our unique Princess Gel™ is applied on your skin during treatment. It contains plant-based microbeads that synergise with light from the machine. As a result, you achieve smoother and fairer skin. It also contains cooling properties to ensure maximum comfort. Many returning customers swear by the moisturising and whitening properties of the Princess Gel™!
Affordable and Easy Payments
Anyone can get started on their journey to smooth skin at Datsumo Labo. Datsumo Labo’s monthly plans start from only $99 for 3 Areas. For customers who are more committed to long-term hair removal, we offer package bundles at discounted prices. Text on the button
Celebrity Approved
Over 200 celebrities including famous idols, actresses and fashion models avail themselves of the hair removal services offered by Datsumo Labo – many become long-term customers of their own accord.  Join them and you will immediately find out why. Read Testimonials!

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