November Hair Removal Promotions - Datsumo Labo - Full Body Hair Removal Salon in Singapore

November Hair Removal Promotions

This November, prep yourself for the holiday season with our unbeatable hair removal deals!
Whether you’re new to hair removal, looking for a cheaper alternative or thinking of continuing your package, there’s definitely something for everyone this month.


Up to 40% OFF

With up to $3500 in savings, start your holiday season with our “Fresh 40” and look your best during the upcoming festives!

3 Sessions. $99~

Are you new to Datsumo Labo and want to put your toe in to test the waters first? The Lite package might be just for you. With 3 Sessions at $99, you can bridge the gap between big, daunting packages but expensive ala-cartes.

Almost everyone knows that SHR or IPL requires more than 1 session, but is 3 sessions enough? you might wonder. At Datsumo Labo, you can definitely see or feel the results. We’re confident in what we offer!

Happy November and upcoming festives from Datsumo Labo!


Disclaimer: Results will vary amongst individuals. Please consult with our staff during your visit after they access your hair and skin condition!