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Celebrities Who Trust Datsumo Labo

Xiaxue - Datsumo Labo Embassador

Wendy Cheng (Xiaxue)

Before Datsumo Labo came into my life I used to dream of not having to shave, wax, tweeze and epilate all the stupid hairs on me anymore, wondering how that would be like, to be one of those lucky girls who don't have undesirable body hair. NOW I AM ONE OF THOSE GIRLS! Who knew that permanent hair removal can be so affordable and painfree?
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Tricia Ong (vaingloriousyou)

I have been visiting Datsumo Labo for close to a year now and ever since I experienced how hair removal can lighten the look of my skin (because beastly black hairs actually makes your overall skin tone look even darker than it actually is) coupled with IPL which helps to lighten and brighten my skin tone (especially underarm and bikini areas), I AM SOLD.

Your Voices

<span>, Customer</span>
"I have had the opportunity to be served by Keiko twice and she has made a positive impression on me. She doesn’t rush through the treatment even if she is handling the customer by herself. Thank you Keiko. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all the staff at the Orchard Central branch for making my hair removal journey a pleasant and enjoyable one. Thank you! πŸ™‚"
- Isabel Tay, Customer
<span>, Customer</span>
"My naturally coarse hair has become very much finer after receiving your services in the duration of my treatment package. I love how your staff are friendly, and constantly check on my comfort level during the sessions. Also, your staff don’t hard sell unlike at other places, and calling to book or change appointments is a breeze! (I love how they will SMS me to remind me of my upcoming session, it’s very thoughtful!). Will definitely continue to support πŸ˜€"
- Simin, Customer
<span>, Customer</span>
"This is the first time I’ve ever gone for any hair removal services. I was informed about the bright lights from the treatment but underestimated how bright they really were. Luckily for me I was provided shades and so I felt like a superstar with paparazzi. It felt like my life flashed before me and the next thing I know, I have no hair on my arms. It was great."
- Geraldine F., Customer
<span>, Customer</span>
"This is the best investment that I have ever made in my life."
- Lynn, Customer
<span>, Customer</span>
"Love to continue my session with Datsumo Labo as my hairless experience is really great! Saves a lot of time!"
- Juan Lim, Customer
<span>, Customer</span>
"Love this place! Always such a pampering experience when I visit!"
- Deepti, Customer
<span>, Customer</span>
"I have completed 7 sessions with Datsumo Labo thus far and i enjoyed every sessions of it! The staff were nice and thoughtful. There was a time and the staff immediately offered me a cup of hot tea after noticing that i have been coughing relentlessly during the session. In addition, I had really hairy arms and legs but after the sessions at Datsumo labo, my limbs has become really smooth and hairless! Can’t wait to see the end result after completing all 12 sessions! πŸ™‚"
- Jia En, Customer
<span>, Customer</span>
"Just had my 6th session and my hair are 95% gone now! I have been shaving and waxing my hair for the past 5 years, resulting in broken skin and red spots which by the time they are gone,the hair grow out again. Datsumo Labo is a life changer! I now have baby smooth hairless skin. Best of all, it is completely painless! Also love it that they keep their outlet simple and no frail which helped keep the price affordable. All the staff are gentle and professional too. I have always been well taken care of at Datsumo Labo."
- Wan Yu, Customer
<span>, Customer</span>
"I am loving all the recent BIG change of Datsumo. Starting from the new machine (which make the whole process much faster & efficency with multiple shots at once), the better services (serving tea, helping with changing of slipper), friendly staffs at Orchard Central and online booking system. This is really a dramatic change of Datsumo, I am really impressed, keep it up! And looking forward to my every visit to Datsumo! <3"
- Shumin, Customer
<span>, Customer</span>
"I don’t know her name but she was really friendly and warm, great service! (:"
- Ifvy, Customer
<span>, Customer</span>
"I wanted to compliment Jocelyn and Kelly who helped me with my hair removal on 19 Oct 2015 6:30pm at the Orchard Central Branch. Jocelyn is usually not from the Orchard Central Branch but I’m not sure which branch she usually works at. They provided a very well-done shaving service – it didn’t sting or feel itchy at all, unlike the previous 2 times where it would feel slightly stinging and very itchy. Jocelyn was also very observant and constantly asked me how I was doing during the hair removal treatment. She and Kelly would remind me when they were going to the next step so that I would be prepared. I felt comforted by Jocelyn making sure that I felt no pain. Thank you very much to these two ladies πŸ™‚"
- Jiahui, Customer

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