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Now available in Singapore
State of The Art Technology

Say hello to our new SHR Machines.

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We have recently upgraded our machines from IPL to SHR Machines – the newest hair removal technology in the world. SHR Machines are able to deliver faster, more accurate, and more powerful shots while remaining gentle to the skin. If you have sensitive skin or darker skin pigments, you are now able to get treatments done without worrying about damage to your skin. Combine it with our Princess Gel™ and you will have a comfortable experience.

Smooth Skin Control (S.S.C)
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Specially manufactured in our Japanese labs, our unique Princess Gel™ is applied on your skin during treatment. It contains plant-based microbeads that synergise with light from the machine. As a result, you achieve smoother and fairer skin. It also contains cooling properties to ensure maximum comfort. Many returning customers swear by the moisturising and whitening properties of the Princess Gel™!

Affordable and Easy Payments

Anyone can get started on their journey to smooth skin at Datsumo Labo.

Datsumo Labo’s monthly plans start from only $99 for 7 Areas. For customers who are more committed to long-term hair removal, we offer package bundles at discounted prices.

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Celebrity Approved

Over 200 celebrities including famous idols, actresses and fashion models avail themselves of the hair removal services offered by Datsumo Labo – many become long-term customers of their own accord.  Join them and you will immediately find out why.

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